Acceptance the shipowner's Ship S&P Consignation
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Concerning the acceptance of the shipowner's Ship S&P Consignation matters

 Dear Ship Owners, Good days to you!
   We Hangzhou FANGJIE INFORMATION INC is the KINCA TECHNOLOGY, INC(Japan). in China. We are a professional brokerage firm based on Used ship SNP and other ship-related products. We doing our ship SNP works through ship-owners and ship brokerage companies nation widely and world widely with whom we have established good relationships. We arrange 'Used ship recommendation conference' and put into effect regularly. Our website is composed by ship buyer and seller's information, Based on these information, we can supply the latest used ship information to ship owners and website browsers. Users can also hunt the best ship according to their specific requirement through our website.

   Clients can visit our website or contact our company directly; we will furnish our fit service to you and your esteemed company in line with the principle of credibility and integrity.

   Our business mainly conclude the followings: Bulk Carrier, General Cargo Ship, Container Vessel(MPP),Passenger ship, RO-Pax vessels, Oil Tanker, Chemical Tankers, Refrigerated ship,Tugboat,Floating Crane, Dredger, Barges, Used  Yacht, Scrap vessels and so on. Used ships and new building ships together with Ship machine fittings are all of our major service. We can also handle relevant procedures for ship buyer and seller parties.

   You can contact us any time in case you are in need of any kind of ship SNP information, and you are warmly welcome all the time.

    Our company accepts the following Ship SNP consignation in long terms.
 If you are in need of:
1) Import used ships abroad
2) Sell ships still under construction domestic
3) Have used ship for sale
4) Scrap vessel S&P
For the above matters, you can Fax, Mail, or ring us directly.

Ours contact details are as follows
Tel: 0571-8652 1236
FAX: 0571-8652 0565
Mail address:

                                                                                                     KINCA CHINA
                                                                                                     Hangzhou FANGJIE INFORMATION INC


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