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Welcome to shop-tenant of USED SHIP NETWORK (English Version)

Thank you and welcome aboard to our shop tenant.

As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to register as our Shop tenant: Simple registration and fill in your full information needed. There you are!

We will do the rest to process the necessary procedures and to open it for you as soon as possible. After you become the full membership of our tenant shop, you can simply just upload your vessel information in “English Version” and update whenever you want and where-ever it has a suitable internet connect. Once the online shop is open you will be surprised to see that prospective buyers with different languages will send you relentlessly e-mails from four corners of the globe.

Our website will connect you to clients all over the world through e-mails, fax and even phone calls. Our website has three independent webpage “Chinese version, English version and Japanese version”, since these regions are the most active in ship-related business.  When you are googling you find that our website with 3 different languages has a very high ranking in Web Search Engine, such as our “English version”is the front ranking in Google, as well as in Yahoo(Japan, China) and Baidu(China). So it increases the exposure of your products to a wilder market. Because of this high ranking, our website’s popularity will goes up even more with your presence. So let’s join our hands to make this market even more prosperous.

Shop tenant don’t spend more time and energy to maintain the website, our service staff will help you to do it and thus save your money. You can focus more on dealing with individual customer. Save your time and money with our online shops!

   Join our Shop Tenant you will benefit our following services:
1 Shop tenant

  1. Get inquiries all the information of Website
  2. Handle your own contents by uploading, updating sale’s information of vessels or other products you provide.
  3. Published information will directly show your contact points to all the Visitors so that they contact you directly.
  4. Have a sub-domain name, Shop tenant will have an individual homepage which can upload your company details and LOGO
  5. Supply two free Mailbox to use(Free mailbox set, please click here)
  6. Supply convenient web enquiry system
  7. Supply preferential advertisement service


If you have any questions, please call   (86)0571-8652 1236) , we will be very happy to serving to you.

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