NO: 00986          Vessel Type: Used Marine Engine & Parts
Ship Name TBN Year Built 2008
Registry China Capacity 400 TON
Class NIL LOA 96M
Build Place America Price Idea offer
Further Information
400TON Manitowoc Crawler Crane for Sale
Built in 2008
1. Track Shoe: 1.5m
2. Dynamic System
   Generator: Cummins QSX15-C500 372 KW (500hp)
Tanker: 946L (250 gal)
3. Hydraulic System: closed loop system
    Hydraulic Pumps: 6 independent piston pumps
4. Windlass
    Main lifting, winding drum dia: 641mm, length: 1086mm
    Wire rope size: 28mm
    Maximum line pull: 16239 kg
    Maximum line speed with no load: 193 mpm
    Maximum line speed with full load: 74 mpm
    Auxiliary lifting, winding drum dia: 641mm, length: 556mm
    Wire rope size: 1 inch
5. Counterweight, Crane Counterweight: 150,590 kg
       Car body Counterweight: 54,530 kg
6. NO.58 boom, Maximum Boom length: 96m
Maximum rated capacity: 400mton@6.4m
    No.59 jib, Maximum jib length: 84m
Maximum capacity: 185mton@11.6m
7. Superlift Structure
    Total Counterweight: 231.970 kg
    NO.58 boom, Maximum Boom length: 120m
Maximum capacity: 379.8mton @ 7.9m
Capacity at maximum radius: 17.8mt @ 116m
   NO.58 boom + No.59 jib, Maximum length: 96m +84 m
Maximum lifting ability: 185.5 ton

(Price and details would be guided to named buyers upon firm interest, But WOG)
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