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NO: 02293 Type: Used Tugboat More Information
[Registry]: JAPAN [Built]: 1984
[Capacity]: 2480 BHP [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: JG [Publication Time]: 2017-12-12
NO: 02292 Type: Barge/Working vessel More Information
[Registry]: VANUATU [Built]: 2011
[Capacity]: 12500 DWT [Build Place]: CHINA
[Class]: CCS [Publication Time]: 2017-12-12
NO: 02291 Type: Used Tanker More Information
[Registry]: LIBERIA [Built]: 2002
[Capacity]: 105000 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: DNV [Publication Time]: 2017-12-12
NO: 02290 Type: Used Tanker More Information
[Registry]: HONGKONG [Built]: 1998
[Capacity]: 2800 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: CCS [Publication Time]: 2017-12-8
NO: 02289 Type: Used General Cargo ship More Information
[Registry]: PANAMA [Built]: 1996
[Capacity]: 8000 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: IBS [Publication Time]: 2017-12-5
NO: 02288 Type: Used Container/MPP More Information
[Registry]: CHINA [Built]: 2016
[Capacity]: 3300 DWT [Build Place]: CHINA
[Class]: RINA [Publication Time]: 2017-11-30
NO: 02287 Type: Used RORO/Passenger Boat More Information
[Registry]: CHINA [Built]: 2017
[Capacity]: 110 PAX [Build Place]: CHINA
[Class]: CCS CAASTAL [Publication Time]: 2017-11-29
NO: 02286 Type: Used General Cargo ship More Information
[Registry]: TAIWAN [Built]: 1994
[Capacity]: 5500 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: CR [Publication Time]: 2017-11-29
NO: 02285 Type: Used General Cargo ship More Information
[Registry]: JAPAN [Built]: 1991
[Capacity]: 3200 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: NK COASTAL [Publication Time]: 2017-11-20
NO: 02284 Type: Used Bulk Carrier More Information
[Registry]: BELIZE [Built]: 1998
[Capacity]: 30000 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: NK [Publication Time]: 2017-11-20

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