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  Welcome to Kinca's Website ! We provide you with various trading information of used ships and boats.
    Kinca has been trading used ships and boats based on "Good faith" and "confidence" as its policy.
    Kinca, since 2004,has provided a wide range of services for ship brokerage, S&P for all kinds of used ships, newly-built ships to not only domestic but also overseas clients. Kinca has its main office in Japan and its branch office in Hangzhou, China.
    As known to the world, Japan manufactures high quality vessels while China is the biggest users for cargos and other vessels to transport the raw materials from every corners of the Globe. And recently, China becomes also a big builder of ship, the quality is also improved over time. This site will provide the ship information we collected from owners and also as a "windows" open to the world for other brokerage firms wishing to use this platform listing their information of ships for sale. We welcome the prospective buyers and brokerage firms to join us to expand theship market. All of our staff definitely hopes doing their first class service to customers all over the world.
CAR PASSENGER FER... [2016-5-3]
77000DWT PANAMAX ... [2015-11-6]
RORO CAR PASSENGE... [2015-9-18]
810P RO-PAX FOR S... [2015-3-6]
9450DWT GENERAL C... [2015-1-28]
10000DWT GENERAL ... [2014-12-11]
150K CAPESIZE FOR... [2014-8-5]
NO: 02093 Type: Used Tanker More
[Registry]: PANAMA [Built]: 2002
[Capacity]: 8800 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: NKK [Post date]: 2016-5-23
NO: 02092 Type: Used Tanker More
[Registry]: JAPAN [Built]: 2007
[Capacity]: 5600 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: NK COASTAL [Post date]: 2016-5-23
NO: 02091 Type: Used Tanker More
[Registry]: JAPAN [Built]: 1994
[Capacity]: 3000 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: NK COASTAL [Post date]: 2016-5-12
NO: 02090 Type: Used General Cargo ship More
[Registry]: JAPAN [Built]: 1994
[Capacity]: 1550 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: JG [Post date]: 2016-5-12
NO: 02089 Type: Used General Cargo ship More
[Registry]: JAPAN [Built]: 1995
[Capacity]: 1350 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: JG [Post date]: 2016-5-12
NO: 02088 Type: Used Tanker More
[Registry]: PANAMA [Built]: 2009
[Capacity]: 12000 DWT [Build Place]: JAPAN
[Class]: ABS [Post date]: 2016-5-10

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8,394 DWT GENERAL ... [2012-4-23]
6114 DWT Oil Tanke... [2010-4-1]
25309 DWT Bulk Car... [2010-1-28]
1550DWT GENERAL CA... [2009-11-25]
3000DWT CHEMICAL T... [2009-11-25]
7600DWT MPP VESSEL... [2009-8-11]
4813DWT CPP Tanker... [2009-8-11]
NO: 01799 Type: Used Tugboat More Information
[Registry]: Japan [Built]: 1976
[Capacity]: 650 BHP [Build Place]: Japan
[Class]: JG Coastal
[Post date]:

NO: 01798 Type: Used Passenger Boat More Information
[Registry]: Japan [Built]: 1996
[Capacity]: 225 PAX [Build Place]: Japan
[Class]: JG
[Post date]:

NO: 01797 Type: Used Passenger Boat More Information
[Registry]: Japan [Built]: 2005
[Capacity]: 150 PAX [Build Place]: Japan
[Class]: JG
[Post date]:

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